Algebra, Analysis, General, Geometry

An Introduction.

Words have never come easy for me, they only made sense when I’ve read them written by someone else. This is one of the reasons I’ve been attracted to Science. Unfortunately Science covers a wide range of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and many others related to them. I’m an Aries, so obviously I wanted to top all those classes, and I did, but couldn’t discover them in depth. So I focused on studying the language that connects all the Science fields: Maths. One can study Physics/Chemistry all his life, but without this irreplaceable tool you get nowhere. Even Einstein had the help of Max Planck (well-known german physicist) when he developed the Relativity Theory, because it was known that Maths wasn’t one of his strenghts.

Mathematics means many things to many people. Most see it as a daunting subject, whether you try to solve an ecuation or add up the bills, almost every time you end up with a headache. But for the others it represents the beauty of the universe. An English Matematician and philosopher, described it as “the most original creation of the human spirit”.

Maths has been described in many ways: the science of numbers and magnitude, the science of patterns and relationships or the language of science. Galileo claimed that “The Laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics”. Very very true! Just by seeing the award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind”, we can see how Maths apply in the day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, neither the media or the books cover the most important part of it: it’s root, it’s history, the place it came from! I’ve been asked more than once by my pupils who discovered the numbers and the operations, and I was ashamed to admit that I didn’t have a clue, no one ever told me and I didn’t even ask myself. So my future posts will come to help your curiosities and maybe widen your horizons. Cheers 😉


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